The Village presents a night of Mostly Jazz on November 16, 2014 with a special performance by Indra Lesmana, a celebrated Indonesian jazz musician, composer, arranger, and producer who is until now has produced more than 60 albums. His virtuoso performances, talent, spirit and dedication have made him the Indonesian modern-jazz icon.

Mostly Jazz at The Village is a part of Indra Lesmana four performances in Bali, where he will also be performing in three different venues, including Seminyak and Ubud. The Village in Sanur will be his last stop. The special performance features some musicians from Bali with Ito Kurdi at the bass, Gustu at the drums, and Pramono at the saxophone. His daughter, Eva Celia, known as a young breakthrough actress and also a singer with a beautiful voice will also take a special part as a guest star.

Everything is all about jazz at The Village. So, do not miss it!

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